"Rain Song" is a song by Taiji, released on December 14, 2000.
The CD was released with a 96 page photo book containing both promotional and live pictures of Taiji, titled Photograph.

Both songs were written by Taiji in memory of his former band mate hide

Music and lyrics by Taiji,

1. "Rain Song" - 06:43 [guitar & vocal by Taiji] youtu.be/ACArplq3EWo vocal by Taiji

2. "Dear Friend" (instrumental) - 05:55 youtu.be/1zsHYOr55Cg

@музыка: TAIJI Rain Song / Dear Friend

@темы: rock guitar, lead guitar, in Memory, hide, bass guitar, X JAPAN, TAIJI, R.I.P. TAIJI, R.I.P hide, From Album [Photograph] 2000